Buying Life Insurance After A Cancer Diagnosis

Fighting a battle with cancer is tough enough. With all of the advances in medicine, buying life insurance after being diagnosed with cancer shouldn’t be as tough as it is today, but sometimes it still is. The job of finding even acceptable life insurance can seem to be insurmountable. This website is here to help those struggling with the difficult task of finding life insurance for anyone suffering from cancer.

The things that affect the price one pays for insurance are the type of cancer present, and the stage one is in. Even treatment plans that are currently being implemented or have been implemented in the past can have an effect on the rates patients pay for life insurance. People are living longer than ever these days after a diagnosis of cancer, and they really should be able to find life insurance without so much difficulty.

The tool used by most insurers is a report by the National Cancer Institute giving statistics for survival rates and cure rates for certain types of cancers. It is a basic report based on statistics, numbers rather than individual patients to protect patients anonymity. is here to help cancer patients in their search for life insurance. Can Help Cancer Patients Find Good Life Insurance

While it is unusual for an insurer to offer life insurance to a cancer patient that is currently undergoing treatment, the chances to obtain good insurance go up significantly if a patient has received treatment in the past but is currently cancer free. In addition, sometimes when a cancer patient has gone an extended length of time without recurrence of their cancer, their policy can sometimes be evaluated and they may be able to have their premiums lowered.

The life insurance received by a cancer patient will depend a lot on the type of cancer, and successful treatment and even cure rates for the type of cancer. If insurance is offered to a patient currently undergoing treatment, the insurance company will sometimes tack on an additional surcharge for the purchase of the insurance, and this extra charge is usually a temporary charge. The charge is then removed after a certain period of time has passed.

When a patient begins searching for life insurance, it is important to be able to show records proving that they are receiving medical care, and proper treatment for the type of cancer they have. This allows the underwriter the opportunity to see that the person applying for insurance is following a treatment plan that could effectively lead to cure or remission.

When helps a cancer patient to find life insurance, much of the worry of finding good insurance is lifted. Removing this extra burden allows the cancer patient to concentrate on getting better, and also allows them to live with less worry about insurance. These extra benefits are priceless to anyone struggling with cancer.